From the Garden Bench
By Rachel Santos

Growing up in a family of florists, a beautiful garden is my favorite place in the world. When nestled among nature’s fragrant flowers and shady trees, I feel the peace of God’s creation and see the beauty of His love.
Cultivating that atmosphere motivates me to help others create gardens to enjoy as well.

  • First, locate a reputable nursery in your area to find plants and advice.
  • Start small, and expand as time and money permit so as not to become overwhelmed.
  • Choose plants that grow in your climate zone and humidity level.
  • Feature plants that thrive in your terrain: steep or flat; sandy or rocky; dry or wet; high elevation or coastal.
  • Position plants according to sun or shade needs.
  • Add stature with trees or tall shrubs.
  • Graduate height with taller plants in the back or center of the garden.
  • Ground the garden with smaller plants in the front.
  • Create a soothing effect with pattern and symmetry.
  • Plant clumps or masses of one plant for maximum impact.
  • Create a focal point with a single interesting specimen, a statue, a fountain, or other ornamental feature.

I hope these ideas will help you create a garden uniquely yours with plants, flowers, and a design you love. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll read my story, Roses for Rachel. God’s miraculous grace helps me overcome a tumultuous past and finally find true love.

May God’s Peace Bless Your Garden,

“I made gardens and parks and planted all kinds of fruit trees in them.”
Ecclesiastes 2:5