The NEW updated Time to Enjoy Your Blessings is now available.
Time to Enjoy Your Blessings
Balance and simplify your life…
and enjoy your blessings!

Did you know that God wants you to have a balanced
and simplified life?

Time to Enjoy Your Blessings helps you lead a life according to
God’s expectations, not society’s.

Using biblical principles and simple techniques, you’ll discover how to:

  • Establish priorities
  • Set goals
  • Simplify your life
  • Organize your home
  • Get things done
  • And more!

You’ll enjoy the journey to simplicity and balance.
Get back to the basics of God and family today –
and take the time to enjoy your blessings!


In response to the recent floods in South Carolina, 18 authors united to create
 When You Pass Through Waters.
All proceeds benefit flood victims in South Carolina.


The Crystal Falls Series now in PRINT and Kindle

Sunflowers for Sarita is a fast paced, high caliber romantic suspense. I couldn’t stop reading!”

Mary Alice Monroe, NY Times bestselling author of Beach House Memories

Welcome to an Eden of Secrets

Fate tangles and twists as a vine searching sunlight while peril slinks in the shadows like a serpent waiting to strike. Evil threatens to conquer, but once those endangered realize God not only has the answer, but IS the answer, they finally turn to Him. He bares the twisted roots of evil secrets and reveals the truth.

God's love and blessings touch the fertile soil of hearts in love. Romance blossoms at last.

Eden, that everlasting garden of life and love, is restored.

Happy Reading,





Time To Enjoy Your Blessings
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When You Pass Through Waters
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“Now the Lord God planted a garden in the east, in Eden;
and there he put the man he had formed.”  
Genesis 2:8